Modular gas multiplexer for 8 / 16 / 24 sampling points

The multisampling point system GM3000 allows carryover free and simple measurement of gas concentrations  up to 24 different sampling points. The system is suitable for smallest gas flows as well as for high temperature applications.


In determining the concentration of gases, there is often the need of the automatic measurement of several measuring points from different locations which are fed to one measuring instrument. With the modular system Gasmux GM3000 and one gas analyzer a multi sampling system can be realized easily.

The modular system allows two different structures:
  • configuration and control with a WIN-PC with specific software  and automatic
    data storage in  Excel format
  • stand-alone operation with digital or analog data output via different interfaces

The 19" based stand-alone system consists of a control unit with keyboard and graphics display and at least one valve unit with 8 gas inputs at maximum. Optionally two further valve units with each 8 valves can be interfaced to the control unit.

The following scheme shows the overall structure:


Features and functions

  • number of channels:  8 / 16 / 24
  • SiO2 coating of the stainless steel valve block for lowest adsorption effects
  • selectable times from 1... 99 min for each channel
  • display of the remaining time of the active channel
  • pre-rinse of the passive gas lines
  • automatic flow control of the active sample line by an optical flow contact
  • different interfaces: RS232, RS485, Modbus, Ethernet or optical fiber
  • selectable materials for tubing and fittings:  PTFE / PFA / FEP / PP or stainless steel
  • set of pre-alarm and alarm levels,   potential-free contacts
  • selectable dead time for all channels
  • option:  60°C  valve heating
  • option:  high temperature version for  250°C  with a special valve and stainless steel tubes

Flexible concept

The concept of GM3000 allows due to the different configuration options - such as the selection of the tubing and the tubing dimensions, definition of interfaces and custom design of software - the integration in almost any task.

In the following scheme the gas flow chart of a 8 channel system with the flow sensors is shown:


Examples of realized projects

Technical data

  • different interfaces: RS232, RS485, Modbus, Ethernet, optical fibre
  • dimensions of the control unit: 19", 3 HE
  • dimensions of the valve unit: 19", 4 HE
  • weight of the control unit: 5 kg
  • weight of the valve unit: 9 kg
  • power: 230 /115V  , 50/60 Hz, 450 VA

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