May 2016,  ANALYTICA Presentation

Simultaneous analysis of sulfur and chlorine in fuel products with EPED


The atomic emission detector EPED ®  is used for quantitative 

multi-element analysis in gas chromatography. By compensation of the carbon background, the simultaneous measurement of the elements chlorine and sulfur in fuel products can be realized. >>EPED

Juni 2014

  Adaption of GM3000 to biogas reactors

The automatic multiplexer GM3000 was adapted to 16 biogas reactors for measuring different gas concentrations. Tubings with low dead volume and inert material allows excellent results.
 >> GM3000

October 2013

Tedlar-Bag sampling of VOC's with VSP4000


Up to 14 Tedlar bags whith a volume of 5 l  can be fixed on the left side plate of the VSP4000 and the analysis of the bags will be done automatically.  >>VSP4000

April 2012

Presentation of Sorb-Star®

Sorb-Star® allows the trace analysis of medium and low-volatile organic compounds by the method of Polymer Bar Sorptive Extraction (PBSE). After analyt enrichment the analysis can be done by Thermal Desorption with GC-MS or - in case of thermolabile substances - by LC-MS. >> Sorb-Star®

March 2010

Presentation of the detector EPED

The Echelle Plasma Emission Detektor EPED was especially developed for the simultaneous and quantitative element analysis. The detector is based  on the excitation of atoms in a helium microplasma and the evaluation of the spectral data. The element selective detector detects the elements chlorine, bromine, fluorine, iodine and sulfur with a detection limit of 10 pg / s. EPED can  be mounted easily on any GC and is a reliable instrument for research and routine analytics.  >>EPED

October 2009

VSP4000 with liquid nitrogen cooling allows the use with isotope ratio mass spectrometry

The proven Purge-and-Trap system VSP4000 has been expanded by a further option of cooling the analytical trap by means of liquid nitrogen to a temperature of  -180 ° C. This allows to "hold" also substances with a very low boiling point on the trap during the purge time.  To analyse even methane and ethylene can be realized. >>VSP4000


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