Photon Counter for ultra-low-light applications

The microprocessor controlled photon counter PC100 was developed for OEM applications with a photomultiplier in the photon counting mode. The unit can be especially used for ultra low light applications in the areas e.g. of chemoluminescence, bioluminescence or flouorescence. All settings can be made directly on the module or however via the serial RS232/RS485 interface with an external computer. The counting result is displayed on the integrated display or transmitted by the interface.

Features and advantages

  • max. counting rate: ... 5 Mcps
  • measuring interval: 10 ms ... 5s
  • modes: gated or continous
  • complete unit dimensions: 200x160x70 mm (LxBxH)
  • dimensions of the pcb board: 91 x 61 mm
  • good price / performance ratio
The photon counter PC100 was developed particularly for the adaptation of  Channel photomultiplier. By this technique the multiple secondary electrons are emitted via the impact of the photoelectrons on a curved semiconducting channel. This effect occurs multiple times along the channel, leading to an avalanche effect with a gain exceeding 10exp8. The curved shape of the glas tube improves the multiplication effect. Substantial advantages can be reached by this new technology. 

Features of the channel photomultiplier

  • ultra high anode sensitivity up to 10exp7 A/W
  • extremely low dark current, typically 3pA
  • very low dark counts: typ. 10cps - only thermal kathode emission
  • 6 decades dynamic range
  • different spectral ranges from 165nm ... 850nm
  • reliable channel photomultiplier - also for industrial applications

The photon counter PC100 is supplied also as a simple OEM pcb board version.

Inform us about the spectral range and your application details. We will offer a complete system PC100 which fits to your requirements !


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