Trace analysis of  organic compounds with  Sorb-Star®

  • enrichment technology based on Polymer Bar Sorptive Extraction (PBSE)
  • high sensitive analysis with GC-MS or LC-MS
  • versatile use for all kinds of organic contaminants
  • high sorption volume guarantees high sensitivity
  • ultra pure one-way component  without  conditioning
Echelle Plasma Emissions Detector EPED® for high resolution gas chromatography
  • multi element detector for the elements Cl, Br, I, F and S
  • simultanous detection of all elements
  • detection limits < 10 pg/s
  • perfect linearity for all elements
  • high dynamic range of 4 decades
  • installable on top of each GC typ

Purge-and-Trap system VSP4000 for high resolution gas chromatography

  • 80 samples, 20 ml vials, liquid and solid samples
  • unique "in-vial-purging"
  • automatic Internal Standard
  • optional Thermal Desorption up to 280°C
  • detection limits in the range of 1 ppt (ng/kg)


Purge-and-Trap system PTA3000 for high resolution gas chromatography

  • unique "in-vial-purging"
  • solid and liquid samples
  • polar and non polar substances
  • detection limits in the range of 1 ppt (ng/kg)

Automatic measurement of the permeation rate of foils with PERMI-GC

  • complete system for gaschromatographic measurement and cryofocussing
  • temperature controlled cells for foils and tubes
  • custom sized - for several gases

OEM photoncounting module PC100 for ultra low light applications - optimized for CPM Channel Photomultiplier

  • counting rate 20cps .... 5Mcps
  • intervall 10 ms bis 5 s
  • different gating functions
  • RS232 or RS485 setting and data transfer

Automatic multiplexer unit GM3000 for the cyclic measurement up to 24 sampling points with one gas measuring instrument

  • purge flow of passive chanels
  • build in rotameter with integrated sensorics
  • inert tubings and heated valves

Temperature control unit KryoTek with different cooling methods

  • LN2 cooling to -180°C
  • CO2 cooling to -65°C
  • Peltier cooling to -50°C


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