Engineering on customer request

We work out technical specifications or a research and development contract on co-operation with the customer and on the basis of his needs. The development is shown to the customer in several steps.

Engineering by research project

We can arrange an international research project with one or more partners if we are provided informations about the technological requirements and the technical risk.

OEM products and services

We manufacture complete and single instrument modules on the customer's request - especially in the fields of optics and analytics.

Our activities in the fields of analytical techniques runs from online water management systems for electrical noses to development and manufacturing of optical benches for atomic absorption spectrometry.

Realized projects outside the analysis area:

01 Non destructive pressure measurement of evacuated coffee packs

02 Laser vibrometer for oscillation measurements on CO2 windows with FFT

03 Optical distance sensor for foils and PCB boards (patent)

04 System for  measurement of the time resolved explosion characteristics in a cylinder of a combustion engine with 48 photomultipliers and UV-LWL´s

05 UV Flame sensor system for incineration plants for SNCR application

06 PC systems for measurement and evaluation with 16 flame sensors in an incineration plant

07 Laserbeam monitor in the spectral range of 400nm - 1100nm for cw and pulse mode up to 1000 Hz

08 Laserbeam monitor for a CO2 high power laser (2 patents)

09 Control of CO2 mirrors with piezos and motors according to different paramters e.g. max. power or Chi2

10 Online setting of the optical parameter of high power mirrors with interferometric control loop

11 Investigation of the pulsing and short time fluctuation of a 2500 W CO2 laser

12 Temperature control with peltier elements in a scope of 1/100°C

13 Micro osmometric unit (patent)


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