Trace analysis of organic compounds with Sorb-Star®


Sorb-Star     sorb-features

The ultra pure polymer Sorb-Star® was developed especially for the trace level analysis and allows different sampling techniques. The Polymer Bar Sorptive Extraction (PBSE) witht Sorb-Star® is based on the adsorption of medium and low volatile organic compounds.  The enrichment from the liquid sample matrix  can be realized by shaking, stirring or swirling. The analysis can be done by GC-MS  or - in case of thermolabile substances - by extraction and HPLC-MS.

Features and advantages

  • Silicone based polymer with very high sorption volume
  • up to 1000 times more sensitivity than solid phase microextraction (SPME)
  • ultra pure one-way article  -  no cleaning steps required
  • versatile use for all kinds of organic contaminants
  • perfect recovery for substances with a high logKOW value
  • use as a passive sampler for gases and liquids (length of 10 cm)
  • low operating and time expenses
  • perfect price-performance ratio

Overview of the analytical possibilitiessorb-star-scheme

Sample techniques from different sample matrix

Before the GS-MS or HPLC-MS analysis is performed,  the enrichment can be realized by miscellaneous possibilities in liquids, solids or gases.  

Sampling in liquids


Headspace sampling in liquids,  gases or passive sampling

Sorb-Star Gas

Application fields with Sorb-Star®

  • water analysis, taste and odor (drinking water, surface water, sewage ....)
  • beverages industry (soft- and alcoholic drinks)
  • food industry
  • flavor and parfume analysis (headspace enrichment)
  • packing industry, cardboard, ...
  • drug screening
  • forensics

Analytical performance with different substances

Sorg Star adsorbens for gas chromatographie

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